Visualising Hypercubes

Published: 01/05/2016
By Iain

Reciently, I was trying to visualise a cube in N-dimensional space. As it turns out, it is not as easy as you would expect. The good thing about computers is that we can use them to extend our though process.

Below, you can find a javascript animation of a N-dimensional cube (for 1 < N < 9), with its edges and verticies projected orthogonally onto the x-y plane of the higher dimensional space. The cube itself undergoes a slow, random rotations over time. While the animation didn't really help my with my original problem, I though it was pretty cool.



How was it made

Manipulation the svg elements was done using d3.js and the matrix mulitplication was carried out using math.js. The full code can be found here.

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